Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making music at the fiddle jam at Woodlawn Community Center

On a cold day in February with snow predicted, joyful music and new friends were made. It was a treat to share the RI Fiddle Project teaching style with folks from the larger fiddling community at the Woodlawn Community Center in Pawtucket, home for the RIFP. Two students, Meveline and Carl, played their fiddles in their first community jam. They had fun hearing the transformation of familiar tunes, and were able to use their skills to figure out how to jump into tunes they had never heard before.

Meveline said that the day was better than she expected. She didn't imagine that she would know the tunes that would be played, or be able to play along. When asked how she felt about the day.... she said it made her happy! She also really liked the French Roast concert, and thought that the musicians played really well. 

Thank you to George Touchstone for the photos.