Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Notes on the dance from Michelle

WoW! What a great way to start off my 'fiddler in residency' with the Rhode Island Fiddle Project!! 
Since I was in fourth grade, I've thought that fiddle tunes and barn-dancing were one of my favorite things in the world. 
As an adult, I've always wanted to have dances where my students and their families came together to dance to the tune they would be learning on the fiddle! It took Rachel's smile,  tons of work, and similar dreams to make it happen!

It made my heart sing to see so many of our students and their families out on the dance floor laughing and dancing to our music and the great calling of David Kaynor. It was the first time that I met and worked with David, and Max Newman our guitar player, and I know we all felt the magic of the day, and look forward to more get-togethers!

I want to thank all the people and organizations who helped to make this magical day happen:
Everett Dance Theatre/The Carriage House, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (as we announced at the dance), Community MusicWorks, Alan for playing bass, Richie for taking photos, Alvarro for helping with snacks and the welcome table, the folks from the dance community who joined us, the families of our students for bringing their children, and for dancing!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Community Dance 11/7 Photos

Fiddling workshop with RI Fiddle Project students and David Kaynor

Our students join the band

Dancing!  70 people joined in the fun at the Carriage House for our Community Dance.

Monday, November 1, 2010

"We're not even going to call it dancing. We're going to get up and move."

Alex started things off right: showing Michelle some new dance steps while Rachel played a tune on the fiddle. 

Then we did a version of the broom dance: one year and twice as many students later!

It was great to get students together in October for an evening of dance and musical storytelling.  Now we're ready for the Family Dance coming up on Sunday Nov. 7th at the Carriage House at 3:30 PM!