Monday, January 25, 2010

tunes together

On our first week back of 2010, 5 Fiddle Lab students from Community MusicWorks (CMW) visited Pawtucket to play tunes and dance with 5 Fiddle & Dance Project students. They each shared their names and their favorite strings, then proceeded to play tunes for each other that each group had recently performed. We also found ways to play together by accompanying each other on open strings. And finally, we danced to the music of Kirby (CMW student leader) and Carole (CMW teacher/fellow).

Over at Community MusicWorks, we asked fiddlers (some who have been in Fiddle Lab 2-3 years & counting!) what they wanted to do this year in Fiddle Lab. Here were some of their answers:
"play a fast jig," "play a waltz," "dance." How awesome is that? I am so proud of fiddlers who can appreciate both slow & fast, both jigs & reels, both playing the music & doing the dancing, themselves!

Students at Fiddle & Dance Project (who are in their 4th month on their instruments) were just as enthusiastic in their hopes for 2010. We had some requests for "more complicated tunes" and lots for "more music!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo highlights from Fiddling Celebration

Here are some of the highlights from our December 19th Fiddling Celebration. A big thank you to photographer Bobbie Hunger for capturing these! You can see even more in the slideshow at our website:

Monday, January 4, 2010

more good news!

Fiddle & Dance Project will be receiving support from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts this winter/spring through an Individual Artist Grant. This grant will be used to support some of our core programming of fiddle lessons and monthly music & dance events for families.

Also, RISCA-related, Rachel has been accepted to the state's Arts-in-Education Roster.

Coming up: This Thursday, Community MusicWorks Fiddle Lab will be taking a field trip to Woodlawn Community Center to have a Fiddle Jam session with Fiddle & Dance Project fiddlers.