Monday, January 28, 2013

Youth Arts @ Pawtucket's Wintertime Farmer's Market

It was that time of year again: Youth Arts Night at Pawtucket's Wintertime Farmer's Market at Hope Artiste Village.  3 of our students performed (2 are pictured here) last Wednesday night, and we were even lucky enough to join forces for a few tunes with Blue Around the Edges who were also playing at   that night's farmer's market!

Friday, January 11, 2013

update + Thursday's Fiddling Celebration!


We're getting there on the A part of this tune, just 7 notes/donations left to complete here!  Here's what update #3 looks like.

And hope you can join us for our mid-year Fiddling Celebration on Thursday, January 17th.  
From 5-6 PM, students will be performing their favorite tunes that they've been working on this year.  We'll also get to share group tune that we learned first from fiddler-extraordinaire April Verch back in September.  There will be food after the performances, so please stop by and join us.

Woodlawn CDC, 210 West Ave, Pawtucket
5 PM, Thursday, January 17th